Why are we different?

In any organisation with high volumes of transactions or large customer groups, mistakes or deviations from the norm are to be expected. In large volumes, these can prove to be expensive both in terms of lost revenue and time spent trying to resolve.

First Locate specialises in customer debt resolution services.

We securely manage and process over £9 million worth of outstanding balances every month for our clients as well as sending over 4 million outbound items of post annually for many of the UK’s largest utility companies, retailers, financial institutions and governmental departments.

Whether it is our pro-active services such as corrections and database cleaning or re-active such as agreeing re-payment schedules or locating ‘gone-aways’ we already have all the systems, procedures and trained staff in place to start processing and preventing outstanding accounts.

How we work

Our services are built around our innovative in-house IT platform, Actius. Actius lets us easily interface with client systems and begin providing outsourced billing process almost immediately once setup.

Actius enables us to store customer account and billing information within a platform designed to manage customers efficiently and comprehensively. From Customer account opening through to regular statementing, billing, tariff management, payment processing, dynamic pricing and revenue management. All services operate from one simple central system helping to streamline processes and avoid any confusion or duplication of information.

Our culture sets us apart

The technology we use has changed dramatically over the years and will no doubt continue to change in the future; the one constant has always been the human connection.

We strongly believe that behind every account in arrears is a person with a story which we must be understanding and sympathetic towards.

Despite all our cutting-edge technology, processes and systems it is the empathy of our staff that is our strongest asset. Debtor management isn’t a pleasant process; we are often contacting people at a stressful stage in their life and asking for money.

Our staff all understand this, we put many hours of training into helping them cope with these situations, and we are immensely proud of how well they conduct themselves ‘under fire’. First Locate staff all see their roles as a positive role helping and not judging.

Data Security is something we take very seriously

All data gathered and communications comply with ISO9001 and ISO27001 and are processed and stored with our government standard security level IT systems and procedures.

To ensure we maintain these extremely high levels of data security all work is conducted within high-security call centre environments. These “locked down” centres are fully access controlled and monitored 24 hours a day. Only authorised access to data is permitted, and all access is logged and reported to clients to ensure integrity and transparency.

Joined-up Data Solutions

In many cases customer account data will be amended throughout the resolution process; we have many options available to push cleaned data back into your systems with accompanying notes.

“We are a trusted supplier to many of the UK’s largest utility companies, government departments and retailers.”

Darren Guest, Managing Director


Services offered:

If you have a requirement not listed here, call us on +44 (0)344 543 9002.

  • Debt Resolutions
  • Debtor Management
  • Tracing
  • Mailing
  • Overflow support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data API and self-serve solutions

What we DON’T do.

We don’t harass, threaten or create undue stress for your customers. We believe in amicable solutions that work for all involved.

We don’t judge, and we believe there is always a solution no matter the issue, our focus is on working with everyone involved to find the best outcome for all parties efficiently.

To discuss outsourcing your debtor management requirements to First Locate call Dominic Connolly on 0344 543 9002 or email us at contact@1stlocate.com

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To discuss outsourcing your debtor management requirements to First Locate call Dominic Connolly on 0344 543 9002 or email us at contact@1stlocate.com.