With over 1.2 billion records available and the largest dedicated manual trace investigation team in our industry, we make tracing and chasing debt simpler.

For many businesses finding, managing and resolving ‘gone-aways’ can be a considerable burden on time and resources for many organisations with a large customer base.

First Locate’s unique access to services such as the electoral roll database dramatically improves the likelihood of locating individuals who have moved to a new address over other industry practices.

In fact, 87% of our clients who use multiple suppliers for their tracing score us as their most successful supplier for tracing.

Also, our extensive staff training, culture and government level secure IT systems and processes mean we can find and engage with people, process payments and update your records faster than ever.

We can do this while also managing your ‘change of tenancy’ agreements which will, over time, reduce the number of ‘gone-aways’ on your CRM and further increase the chances of resolving situations quickly and cost-effectively.

“Our highly experienced staff and cutting-edge technology lead the industry in locating customers. Helping us resolve more issues faster.”

Darren Guest, Managing Director


Services offered:

If you have a requirement not listed here, call us on +44 (0)344 543 9002.

  • Change of tenancy management
  • Customer tracing solutions
  • Payment processing
  • Customer account management
  • Customer contact management

Joined-up Data Solutions

In many cases customer account data will be amended throughout the resolution process; we have many options available to push cleaned data back into your systems with accompanying notes.

All data gathered and communications comply with ISO9001 and ISO27001 and are processed and stored with our government standard security level IT systems and procedures.

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