Government agencies and the civil service use First Locate because they know that the service we provide is professional, secure and effective.

Our technology, culture and access to consumer data make us one of the leading Contact Centre partners in the UK, especially for sensitive matters like Trace-and-collect, taking secure payments and outsourcing of debt management solutions.

With intelligent omni-channel technology and unique access to the Electoral role, we make the processing of customers in arrears stress-free and financially viable.

Over £350 million of collections are processed each year by First Locate utilising some of the most secure ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited systems and procedures.

With First Locate, you’ll be assigned a dedicated team that are aligned with the specific requirements of your sector. Your team will work with you to develop solutions that are sympathetic to your customer’s circumstances while providing exceptional customer service and support throughout.

“Our highly experienced staff and cutting-edge technology lead the industry in locating customers. Helping us resolve more issues faster.”

Darren Guest, Managing Director


What we do

We help companies work together with their customers to provide amicable solutions to debt. Delivering intelligent outsourced services that let you manage the process more efficiently. Giving you quick and easy access to:

  • Trace and collection services
  • Problem resolution
  • Customer management
  • Live/current billing and statementing services
  • Occupier accounts management
  • Arrears and defaulted customer solutions
  • Billing correction, consumption correction and error resolution
  • Change of tenancy and gone away customers management
  • Customer contact: inbound and outbound solutions
  • Return mail processing
  • Account payment services

What we DON’T do.

We don’t harass, threaten or create undue stress for your customers. We believe in amicable solutions that work for all involved.

We don’t judge and we believe there is always a solution no matter the issue, our focus is on working with everyone involved to efficiently find the the best outcome for all parties.

To discuss outsourcing your debtor management requirements to First Locate call Dominic Connolly on 0344 543 9002 or email us at

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To discuss outsourcing your debtor management requirements to First Locate call Dominic Connolly on 0344 543 9002 or email us at