Our Culture

Behind every lapse account is a human story.

When we first thought about setting-up First Locate we tried to answer a simple question…

“If we could provide a service to companies that could collect their debts for them AND keep their customers happy, would anyone be interested?”

That was in 1999, nearly two decades later we are processing £millions of lapse account payments every day for our clients; effectively, securely and above all empathetically.

The reasons customer accounts slip into arrears are seldom black or white; there are usually complicated back-stories and mitigating circumstances affecting each individual. At First Locate we understood early on that compounding a stressful situation for individuals with financial difficulties seldom had a positive long-term outcome.

In these days of social media, a disgruntled customer can tell their side of the story to millions and have a negative effect on a company’s brand and ultimately sales.

By looking for amicable solutions that don’t point fingers or attach any stigma, we’ve found a way to help people and companies work together to resolve their issues quickly.

Our staff are our greatest asset

From staff training right through to building technology from the ground up to support the modern customer, we look at everything we do and always ask “could it be better?”.

We train our front line operatives to understand how tough the situation can be for the person on the other end of the line. And we empower and encourage them to always look for the amicable solutions rather than let the situation spiral further out of control. Our staff are continually looking for ways to improve your customer’s customer experience with your brand even during difficult times. We believe in investing in their futures and are now accredited by Investors In People.

Our omni-channel technology allows your customers to move from communication channel to communication channel and still maintain continuity of conversation while maintaining Government levels of data security.

We also encourage a ‘spirit of ownership’ within our workforce aiming to go the extra mile to resolve customer queries quickly and successfully.

This human-centric approach to debt management services is the reason why First Locate are the outsourcing supplier of choice for many of the UK’s largest brands and companies ranging from Sky and BT to British Gas.

“We have taken a great deal of time and effort to perfect our IT infrastructure and processes. I genuinely believe we offer one of the most sophisticated outsourcing operations in the UK today.”

Andrew Barclay, CEO


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