Mailing Services

First Locate sends over 4 million postal items every year for our clients. Not only does that volume help reduce your overall mailing costs, when coupled with our other services we can also you further savings and efficiencies.

From outbound mail we can:

  • Detect ‘gone-aways’ and changes of tenancy sooner, reducing the likelihood of accounts slipping into arrears.
  • Proactively contact and correct data to correct your systems reducing your postage costs and exposure to risk of not being paid.
  • Process payments on first contact where possible to do so.

“Our postal team are one of the most efficient teams in the industry, managing truly remarkable volumes to extremely tight deadlines every day.”

Dominic Connolly,
Client Services Director


Services offered:

If you have a requirement not listed here, call us on +44 (0)344 543 9002.

  • Paper Invoicing/Statements – Print and Post
  • Digital Invoicing/Statements – Merge and Send
  • Contract processing
  • Return Mail (paper and digital) – Sorting and Processing
  • Customer account management

Joined-up Data Solutions

In many cases customer account data will be amended throughout the resolution process; we have many options available to push cleaned data back into your systems with accompanying notes.

All data gathered and communications comply with ISO9001 and ISO27001 and are processed and stored with our government standard security level IT systems and procedures.

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