Utility services - payment collection, account management & occupier investigation

contact centre & customer processing solutions

Firstlocate provide client branded and non branded contact solutions for a variety of large organisations across the Utility and Service sectors. Sophisticated systems and integrated telephony across 4 operational sites enables Firstlocate to offer efficient and measureable call centre services. Firstlocate undertake many complex tasks for our clients all of which require detailed product and service knowledge regarding all of our clients, their products and tariffs. With excellent capacity and the ability to provide operational solutions that can meet our clients short or long term needs, or indeed unexpected immediate needs, Whatever your customer contact requirements, we will be able to offer a solution that meets or exceeds all of your expectations.

We maintain inhouse developed billing & customer processing systems specifically designed to house and administer the following customer sectors and products:

Gas -



Mobile telephony

In each area, we are able to accept new customer business, process the transaction and reside the information within our inhouse developed actius system. Ongoing customer management including statementing, billing, fulfilment, maintenance, renewals & marketing are all accomodated within actius specifically across the Utilty, Mobile telephony and Insurance sectors. Actius & our processing abilities are also suitable for other high volume multi transaction disciplines.

Our experience in the Utility sector has developed around solving many of the problems associated with metered supplies of gas , water & electricity - this involves the identification and resolution of periods of supply and responsibility for consumption; finding customers who may have moved and identifying misdirected payments. We currently service most of the larger Utility companies in the UK. Our Customer Advisors are skilled in all types of Gas, Electricity and Water payment tariffs, metering options & measured/unmeasured consumption issues. We invest much time in staff training and development for this sector and the regulatory issues and restrictions in force. We win and retain our tenders within the Utility sector due to our excellent levels of performance, customer care & empathy together with a culture of values underpinned by our Customer Charter. We have the resources and controls in place to ensure we offer sensitive and considerate resolution of complex Utility billing problems and outstanding accounts - resolving responsibility for consumption, tariff issues, meter location and unidentified consumption issues across commercial and consumer utility accounts.

Company services


  • We specialise in the Utility & service sector and have done so for over 10 years.
  • we provide our services to almost all of the UK's leading Utility companies and many large service providers across the Telecomms & Insurance Industries.
  • Our core back office systems have been developed in-house specifically for our chosen industries.
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Services Overview

Our people

Many of our staff have been with us for a considerable time. We pride ourselves on their continued skills development and career progression.
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All services fulfilled in-house

from our core back office systems to our printing, despatch and return mail services, these are all undertaken inhouse.
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Utility trace & collect services by FirstLocate.

First Locate have become one of the most successful companies offering 'trace & collect' revenue recovery services. We now have a portfolio of major Trace & Collect clients including some of the larger Gas, Electricity and Water Utilities.

Our solutions are highly effective yet still meet or exceed the strict standards of data protection and other legislative requirements.

Customer management experience - Utility sector problem resolution .

FirstLocate is able to recognise and resolve all of the issues customer's are likely to encounter with their Gas, Electric or Water account irrespective of which Company supplies the customer. Few if any Outsourcers can match the specialism, expertise and experience of Firstlocate Utility sector call centre operations, all backed by client dedicated resource, transparent compliance, internal audit and comprehensive audit trails.

Technology, security, innovation.

Investment in new technology and people development has enabled our continued success in this sector. First Locate hold ISO9001 & ISO27001 Accreditation and have developed core back office systems specifically aligned to the needs of the Utility sector.

Gas & electric

We provide a range of billing & revenue management services to most of the major Gas & Electric suppliers in the UK across commercial & consumer tariffs.


Our expertise in this sector enables effective revenue management & collections services across a number of major Water clients.

Service sector

Our 'Service Sector' solutions encompass a range of clients including fixed line telephony, mobile telephony, broadband supplies, local authority & the insurance industry.

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