RETURN MAIL HANDLING First Locate provide a variety of business process outsourcing services to larger organisations (revenue management, billing management or customer services) - primarily because we are able to improve efficiencies, productivity and performance, yet introduce major cost saving benefits in the process.

Many organisations are subjected to large volumes of return mail. There can be many causes of this but invariably, this can be as a result of incorrectly addressing correspondence items, or the recipient may have gone away or the address may be inaccessible.

Return mail processing - how does it work?

First Locate become the return address for all undelivered mail items (we provide you with a return address to print on the reverse of your envelopes). As items are returned to us, each mail item is scanned or recorded and entered to a daily update file. Once recorded to the data file, each item is securely shredded and a certificate of shredding supplied. A daily update file is provided to you, updating your systems with the fact that mail to an individual account is being returned. This enables you to prevent further mailings and undertake action to identify whether the recipient has moved or the address is erroneous. Our secure processing facility is able to handle literally millions of items. Costs for the service are surprisingly low and remove the headache of handling multiple sacks of returned postal items.

Some clients take this service one stage further and ask us to identify the root causes and remedial action for the returned mail items. This can even include the supply of a new a address for the recipient.

Mailing prevention services: 1st Locate are able to identify and classify the likelihood of a person still being in residence at any particular address in the UK. Upon receipt of a potential mailing file, we are able to data screen each item and classify in the following way:

  • 1/. Addressee in residence
  • 2/. Addressee - evidence to support not in residence
  • 3/. Addressee has moved address.

This is achieved by collating data evidence to support whether a person is still in residence or whether there is evidence to support that they have moved on.

This service is suitable for many organisations, particularly those with large scale customer billing operations.

Other variations to our service include correction and re-despatch.

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Postal items that are undelivered are received at our return mail warehouse. Where addresses are incorrect , these are corrected and the mail item re-despatched. Where the item has been returned because the recipient has moved away, will result in the new forwarding address being obtained from our Express Address product. The item will then be re-despatched to the new address. We are even able to accommodate problems and provide solutions where the property is inaccessible arranging secure timed delivery to the recipient at that or another address.

By using First Locate for return mail processing, you can suppress additional mailings at an earlier stage (saving valuable postage and production costs), have the problem professionally resolved and re-commence mailing activity in the knowledge that you can be sure your correspondence is reaching the intended recipient.

Our research has shown that some organisations continue to send mail to recipients four or five times after the first piece of mail has been returned.

We supply our products & services to the Gas, Water & Electricity, Banking, Legal, Finance and other industries. Our ability to trace people combined with our approach to resolving problems has ensured we are one of the fastest growing companies in the debt recovery & tracing sector.

We now have a portfolio consisting of major Utility suppliers, Banks, Local Authorities & Finance Companies. We tailor our services to each client's individual needs - these range from First Locate providing a 'client branded' inhouse credit control, customer care or arrears & revenue management.

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