Expert Customer Care & Revenue Management services

Sector specific call centre resource

Utilities, gas, electricity, water central government, telecoms

Our extensive knowledge of sectors such as Utilities or Telecoms enables us to provide immediate call centre resource directed at solving your customer management issues.

MORE Utilities & Telco contact centre outsourcing

Secure modern call centres

highly secure, resilient / strategically located, multiple sites

Clients choose FirstLocate for a variety of reasons including high security call centres :- fully access controlled by client specific authorised staff only, at all times

High Security Contact Centres

Customer contact management & resourcing - inbound and outbound

client branded solutions

Firstlocate provide client branded and non branded contact solutions across a variety of areas of the Utility and Service sectors. Sophisticated systems and integrated telephony across 4 operational sites enables Firstlocate to offer efficient and measureable call centre services. Our sector specialism enables us to become fully embedded in our client call handling strategies as an expert client branded or white labelled expert resource

Full whitelabelling

Expert people

people, training / work - life balance, career progression

Highly trained staff, sympathetic to and perfectly versed in client specific requirements/products & processes. We operate a low stress non-confrontational environment where the customer comes first.

People and training

Core services

complex customer care solutions

Clients outsource their complex customer care, payments and case management to client specific dedicated resource high security call centres based in the UK.

Complex processes managed, expertly & efficiently

Operational solutions to your complex problems

call centre outsourcing, UK based

Dedicated UK based call centre resource for processing high volume, low value complex customer management account transactions.

Help to solve your most complex operational issues

Dedicated Call Centre resource for your Gas, Electricity or Water branding

Outsourcing resource / gas, water & electricity

Our specialism in the Utility sector enables us to provide expert call centre resource fully versed in all aspects of gas, water or electricity account management. Complex client specific customer issues commonplace in the Utility sector require sensitive and expert handling - FirstLocate provides you with a level of comfort and ability that can be difficult to find from an external outsourcing partner.

Utility sector expertise second to none

Join a winning team - we're recruiting

vacancies: apply, online

Continued success means we're hiring. We will help you reach your potential with comprehensive training and in some cases we'll sponsor your further education or professional qualification.

Come and work with us

Client & customer charters - underpinning our values and behaviours

commitment to clients & customers

Services backed by client & customer charters, defining how we will manage our client relationships & how we will treat your customers in a secure, respectful & non-confrontational manner.

Everything we do is underpinned by our charter of ethics and behaviours

Technology - agility & security

back office systems, inhouse

We build and develop Actius, our CRM and billing system - this provides enhanced functionality aligned to our client's specific needs. We offer a level of system capability and development agility you will struggle to match - all built around specific applications in the utility, telecoms and taxation sectors

Highly secure and agile environment

Payment processing call centres

high volume, low value transactions / securely processed

Firstlocate undertake payment processing and the collection of live due balances, arrears and defaulted accounts in both client branded scenarios and our own in-house branded Customer Service teams or Recoveries function. Many of the leading UK utility companies now use Firstlocate for some or all of these disciplines.

High volume payment processing

Data analytics

data analysis decision making

Harnessing and understanding data is a key component of our ability to intelligently administer high volume customer processes. We maintain a number of enhancement datasets enabling us to validate customer residency without sending your customer data away for external agency processing.

Using data to better serve our clients and their customers